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Writer's Block: Legend has it ...
Do you have a favorite paranormal story and/or urban legend? When did you first hear it? What's the story behind the story?

This is not an urban legend. This is an actual occourance that happened to my friend and I.

One day after school I was hanging out with my bestie in her kitchen. As we talked and gosspied about the latest events in our life we heard a loud clang.  Suprised and astonished I looked up at her face.

"what the hell was that?" I gasped. Glancing back and forth from her face to the now ominously dark hallway.

She shrugged,"don't know".

"ya'lls pipes messed up or something?'

"na,"she said lookin back."at least not that i know of"

She just smiled back at me,"whatev" and we went back to our conversation.Then just as suddenly as it stopped it started up again. The clanging just got louder and louder.Annoyed i looked back and yelled,"ya done yet?! Shuddhap!"

Suddenly it stopped again. Starting to be a little weirded out I turned back to her but before i could speak it started up again.
Now thoroughly curious I got up from their table and started to walk towards the hallway. As i walked the clanging got louder and louder then faster and faster. My hair on the back of my neck began to rise.

"I said SHUT UP!!!" I yelled over the horribly loud noise. Just as fast it begun the clanging stopped.I looked back at my friend."anyone home?'

Her face had gone white as a sheet."no. noone."

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(Deleted comment)
well actually I found out later through some more weird exp.s that they had a problem in the house. that wasnt "house" related. the strange things continued for another couple of years.

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